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Specialists for b2b IT Sales in Europe

Take advantage of opportunities in Europe, USA, LATAM and Asia-Pacific through introductions from our NextSales Ambassador Network. Grow your business with our flexible, scalable Sales & Marketing services!

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Your company has an excellent proposition and you want to find new clients in Europe? NextSales are specialists for b2b IT Sales in Europe. We offer Sales & Marketing as a Service to help you to grow your business.

You can take advantage of opportunities in Europe → and the US → without the costs and risks that come with building your own salesforce!

Part of our unique value proposition is our NextSales Ambassador Network! → This network consists of senior executives and professionals who leverage their knowledge, expertise and personal network to support us.

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Specialists for b2b IT Sales in Europe

Europe consists of 51 countries. That is including the countries that are partly located in Europe and Cyprus.

The European Union consists of 27 countries and is one of the largest economies in the world ($15.167 trillion). Like the other major economies, the European Union has its own specific characteristics. Especially for companies in the b2b segment it is good to be aware of these characteristics.

The most significant difference with the Anglo-American culture is the way b2b deals are established. In the US winning a deal is defined by offering the right proposition at a competitive price. In the EU you’ll win a deal by building trust and relationship while offering your proposition. You’ll also have to factor in the differences in language and acceptance of new offerings and innovations. Northern Europe is faster in accepting new technology and innovations than Southern Europe.

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Market Scans

Before venturing into a new market, it is wise to investigate the local circumstances. You will be prepared for what awaits you.

For example:
From the outside the EU might look like a uniform market, but you have to deal with 24 languages in 27 states and legislations and even more business cultures.

NextSales performs Market Scans so that our clients can make well-founded decisions. They will know which countries offers the best potential for their offering. They will also know the local competitive playing field and key success factors. This enables them to invest in the potentially most profitable countries when entering a new area.

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If you want to venture into Europe, we offer a Europe Scan →

Dial Afrika customer care services gives their clients the opportunity to focus on their mission, not on support.

NextSales supports Dial Afrika’s growth with a Sales Outsourcing in the UK.

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Considering to expand your business into other regions or countries? Take advantage of our information sources pages.

They offer insights in economic data, IT and Services industry trends for the US and Europe.

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BillKiller is a startup from Hungary and developer of an  app to facilitate sales in telecoms.

BillKiller leveraged NextSales’ inside sales expertise in reaching out to the right people .

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Ingedata onboarded NextSales as their augmented Lead Generation team to explore and take advantage of opportunities in Europe without the costs and risks that come with building own salesforce!

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